Welcome to the OpenImageShop

Can I see a demonstration page?

Yes, of course! You are invited to visit http://openimageshop.metagons-software.de/. Just create an account and use this activation code : ac1217186145id5786 This is a demonstration system so orders are not processed :-), you can play around with it.


What is the OpenImageShop project about?

This project is a LAMP-based software collection which enables a user-dependent shop content. It is currently a shop-frontend for photographers who provide their customer's pictures for sale, but only where every customer can see and buy pictures made from/for himself. This enables a user/profile related shop content.

Who is the intended user community?

Basically anyone who knows about how to set up an apache based server which also supports php and mysql and is interested in testing and improving the project. I need to say this project is in an pre-alpha state and thus might need some php understanding to get it working. It is at a first stage aimed to linux users because there are a few path relevent things suited to linux. But it is clear that after a small clean-up this whole project will run on Windows systems as well. Further information in regard to the system requirements are given in the next paragraph.

What software environmet requires OpenImageShop ?

There are packages prepared for each linux distribution to install these programs. Please refer to your linux distribution on how to install packages.

How do I install OpenImageShop on my system?

So after fullfilling the environment requirements it is just an unpacking of files to the document directory of the apache which can be
in linux. Then go to your target host :
and you will be answered to follow the setup routine where you can enter the database details. The initial user and password combination is
user : admin
pwd : admin
These values are set in the configure.php :
define("__ADMIN_NAME__", "admin");
define("__ADMIN_PWD__", "admin");
It is strongly recommanded to change these values before going online with this server!

What is MySqlBogart?

MySqlBogart is a sub-project of OpenImageShop

MySqlBogart does backups and restores MySql-Databases: